1. Listening to something you understand over and over is the best way to learn how to speak English. Super Easy English uses this method and it works.
2. Studying grammar rules destroys your ability to speak. Grammar makes you think about the language and not in the language. Grammar rules are hard to learn and almost impossible to remember.
3. Children are the best language students. They learn without studying grammar. With Super Easy English, you can learn to speak excellent English this same way.
4. English words and phrases must be learned in context. If you want to speak excellent English, stop studying word lists.
5. Sitting in a classroom, listening to other people speaking bad English will never help you to learn to speak good English. You have to hear native speakers of English speaking good English if you want to learn to speak like they do.
6. Ninety Five percent of the people who go to an English course never learn to speak with ease and fluency. They waste time and money sitting in a class, studying grammar but very few of them ever learn to speak. Perhaps like many of these people you have told yourself you just can't learn to speak English the way you want, so you've stopped trying!

1. Audio Articles
These are funny, interesting stories, letters and articles that will show you how the American people think and speak. Many of the articles motivate you to realize your dreams. These articles will cause you to think, to smile and to laugh. There's no better way of understanding English.
2. Vocabulary Lessons
You study words and phrases from the audio articles and everything is clearly pronounced and explained in a way that you can remember and use it.
3. Listen and Answer Mini-Stories
These funny, often bizarre stories will help you to learn to speak quickly and easily without hesitation. You will learn how to listen and answer questions while you practice speaking English. You will learn to tell the stories using all the important words and phrases.
4. Conversational Audios
These are real conversations featuring native speakers. You will practice listening to different regional accents from all over the USA. You will learn how to understand almost anyone regardless of how they speak English.
5. Language Tips
This is expert advice on what to do and what not to do to improve your speaking skills. These helpful insights will help you to see what you have been doing wrong and how to correct it.

6. Text Guides
The lessons have a text guide to go with each audio. All the important words and phrases are explained to you. There is no need to use a dictionary.
n You learn grammar and vocabulary without any study. You listen and learn the natural way. Mini-stories make it easy to learn grammar and vocabulary in a fun way with no stress.
n You learn to answer questions quickly without thought or hesitation. English words and phrases will become a part of you and you will remember them forever.
n Your understanding of spoken English will increase tremendously as you practice listening to native speakers.
n You discover the deep way to learn English. Never again will you have the feeling of fear or embarrassment when you want to speak English.
n Your ability to learn vocabulary words and phrases will increase greatly. You will learn not only what new words and phrases mean but how they are used.
n You learn about American culture and how people speak and think in the USA.
n You learn the secrets of how to speak excellent English.
But let me be completely honest with you, I only want people to buy my lessons who want to improve and master their speaking skills with ease and fluency. If you know some English but you have trouble speaking, then Super Easy English is what you've been looking for. This is a program for people who want to learn how to speak good English.

For a limited time you can buy the lessons for just
50. There is NOTHING else to pay. There's no waiting for the lessons to arrive because you download them from the Internet. You can start improving and mastering your English skills today.

Super Easy English is like having a native speaker as your private teacher for a fraction of the cost. You get the entire course with 130 audio lessons that you can take with you everywhere on mp3. Plus you get word, phrase and idiom study guides for the special promotional price of just 50. But you must hurry, this price will change soon! Decide today that your future is worth this small investment of money!

Even advanced students preparing for the TOEFL or Cambridge exams will see a big improvement in their listening and speaking skills after using my lessons. Download the lessons today and get started speaking English the quick and fun way with
Super Easy English.
Russ Draper
The Quick and Fun Way
    to Learn to Speak
After you pay for the lessons, send an Email to: supereasyenglish@gmail.com and the download link for the lessons will be sent to you immediately. You can then download the entire course to your computer and start learning to speak English the Super Easy English way.

Are you embarrassed because you cannot speak English the way you want to?

Do you still make lots of grammar mistakes? Are you nervous and embarrassed when you try to speak English?

Do you have trouble understanding people when they try to speak to you in English?

Have you studied for years and spent lots of time and money and you still do not speak English with ease and fluency?

If you answered "yes," to these questions, then I have good news for you. I can teach you to speak excellent English in as little as six months with
Super Easy English. It's quick, easy and lots of fun. You download the lessons from the Internet and immediately start learning to speak without fear or hesitation. And you can do it all in the comfort of your home or office.
My name is Russ Draper and I've spent years teaching people to speak English. I want to help you to become a fluent English speaker. In the next few moments, I am going to introduce you to my Super Easy English system. Please read everything I have to say because I don't want you to miss your chance to learn to speak English the quick, easy and fun way.

If you've spent years trying to learn English without success, then Super Easy English is for you. With my program, you never have to attend class. There are no textbooks or grammar rules to learn. I will teach you to speak the easy, fun and quick way. You can download my entire program from the Internet and be on your way to speaking excellent English today.
Stop wasting time and money studying grammar and never learning to speak. Download my Super Easy English lessons and learn to speak the quick and fun way.
Listen to Sample Audio Articles
Here's what you get when you download the Super Easy English Lessons
Here's what happens when you buy the Super Easy English Lessons
Listen to Sample Vocabulary Lessons
Listen to Sample Mini-Stories
Listen to Sample Conversational Audios
Listen to Sample Language Tips
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I had great fun. It was very pleasant and involving. I like very much the mini-stories because they are funny and well explained. In fact, I like explanations more than anything and they helped me to remember the stories. Also it was interesting to learn about American culture. Lyudmila Papazova

The course was very helpful to me. I like the method very much. It works, it really works. I want to say thank you, thank you very much. Antoniya Doycheva

I liked the course very much. I like Russ Draper. It was fantastic for me. Stoyan

I think that the lessons are very good. I learned many words and I can understand the tenses. The lessons are very interesting.  Antonina Nikolova

I want to say one big thank you. I really believe that the fun approach is the better way. You really helped me to be more confident in my speaking skills.  Nedlyalko Kargov

Studying with Russ Draper is great fun, as well as valuable. I can remember now more of the phrasal verbs and phrases from the stories. George Atanasov

I really liked the course! And I also like Russ Draper. He's a great teacher! He showed me that the learning process can be fun, interesting and very pleasant. I am now a fluent speaker. Ivelina, Roxy Girl
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The Special Price for Super Easy English is just 50